Salwowski logo data protection and privacy policy.

This website is solely owned, created and run by myself, Mark Salwowski, and I am a self-employed artist/illustrator/graphic designer operating as a sole trader. My website does not use any cookies other than session cookies inserted temporarily in your browser by the server of my web-host, Hostek, (details ) which collect no personally identifiable data and are automatically deleted when you shut your browser.

My website does not collect data by any other means.

All personal information supplied to me when a visitor uses a contact form or a purchase form or contacts me directly by email remains strictly confidential and any correspondence entered into between myself and the client is likewise private and will not be divulged or passed on to any third party, including law enforcement agencies, unless proper legal warrants are tendered.

All purchasing and financial transactions with me are done through either PayPal or direct bank electronic transfer. The transactions through PayPal conform to their security and privacy policy and what information they collect on you depends on your personal settings within your own account (Remember to check your own PayPal privacy settings). I do not allow PayPal access to my email contact list or social media accounts. At my end of a bank transfer the bank, National Australia Bank (NAB), conforms to security and privacy policies which are restricted by law and follow the Banking Code of Practice (Australia) and details of these transactions can only be accessed by government authorities for legal and taxation purposes.

The only data I keep of visitors to my website, apart from anonymous I.P. details used for regular website visitor statistics, are the communication emails from those that contact me and standard accounting transaction details when a client buys something. For myself I keep records of these names and addresses in my email contact list and my invoice book. If you wish to have your details removed please contact me at CONTACT FORM . These details are never passed on to any third party.


'In these days of invasive Big Data I’m an inveterate tinfoil hat wearing paranoiac. Not only is your government out to ‘protect your safety’ by keeping track of everything you do online, but every business thinks they’re doing you a favour by assessing your online footprint so it can avail you of the latest products and services.
I do my best to avoid being traced around the web and having my personal details collected and used and abused by anyone who wants to make a buck from what they know about me.
Consequently I’ll do my utmost to keep your personal details as safe and secure as I would like to have mine.