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Title Image

This page has some samples of the images I put together for Frank P Ryan's latest fantasy.
The book is a rollickingly good young teen fantasy, for all ages, and it is out now.
All I can say is it's brilliant and strongly advise you to visit Frank's site to find out more:

The story is about four youngsters, thrown together by fate in Ireland, who are lured into slipping through a magical portal into a fantastical parallel world. There they encounter hardships meet weird, wonderful and wicked characters, and experience an ancient land where magic is still a part of existence. Here they will either live to fullfill their destinies, -or not!!

"I did the artwork in a combination of ways. To begin with I did most of the roughs on paper and then transferred them onto the computer. Much was created in 3D using applications such as Daz3d for the figures and 3DS Max and Blender to create the weaponry and temple ship from scratch. The materials and maps were fashioned in Photoshop or PhotoPaint and Painter. I even stole some bits from a couple of my old bookcovers to save time, (the cracked ice and the panther's head in the foliage). Ahhh, the advantages of working on a computer!" -Mark S

I have created a range of wallpapers/desktops to accompany the book. You can download them from the wallpapers page HERE

The Poster

< The Poster.
A compilation of all the images

The Four Friends >
Kate, Alan with the "Spear of Lug", Mo the youngest and Mark.
In the background is the ancient dolmen under which they find the stone bowl portal (in forground)
The Four Friends
Granny Dew

<Granny Dew.
She was an ancient hag who lived in a cave in the mountains, and she wondrous powers. Here she has turned a silver cigarette lighter into a tiny eagle, as in the story.
I started this on paper then scanned it and finished it off in "Painter".

Temple Ship
The Temple Ship
This I created from scratch in 3d. Although I have to admit that I didn't have the time to finish it completely and the final image has a lot of post-work in PhotoPaint and Photoshop.
Ship Unfinished

Ainé is a Kyra of the Shee people. They are fierce amazon-like warriors with feline spirits, power and savagery.



<Ainé Portait.
I only did this since it seemed a pity to waste her on just one render.



Ainé -early version>
This was an early Painter sketch I did as a rough. Frank thought the armour too Roman-like and over the top saying she'd be more early Briton-like.



<Ainé -final
This is the final version. I lifted the panther head from a cover I did for Tanith Lee, hope she doesn't mind!

Aine early version

Qwenqwo Cuatzel
He is the dwarf warrior mage of the Fir Bolg people.
When he fights.... ahhh hell, read the story!!


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