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Due to the same time constraints that have prevented me from updating the site and adding all the other promised goodies I have had to postpone this Project indefinitely.

Do you believe in fairies? Well I don't!

Having said that, there are some intriguing snippets of so-called "evidence" that might be worthy of further investigation. Not that I think these things have anything to do with the "fairies" of folklore and legend, no these are the enigmas that crop up around the world from time to time and even though they are thoroughly investigated by the established scientific institutions a satifactory explanation is often not reached. Some, like the recent "Mummified Fairy" find in Derbyshire are obvious hoaxes, if only for the fact this one was found on the 1st of April. Others, such as the well-known "Hobbit Man" (Homo florensiensis) whose fossil remains were dug up in recent years in Indonesia, are investigated and then a debate rages over their origins and anthropology. They ask are they human or some other species but no-one doubts their authenticity. However, it appears that a lot of other strangely unlikely and inexplicable finds are not given the same time, or money, to be investigated further.
Take for instance the "Furlington Skull" (pictured below). Here is a typical example of what happens when scientists can't readily draw simple conclusions as to the origins of a such finds. The story goes like this:
In 1999 a young couple (name unknown) moved into a new home on a recently established housing estate on the edge of the pretty village of Furlington in Berkshire. To till the virgin soil of what was to be the garden the man hired a rotary hoe and whilst hoeing he noticed a round shiny object become unearthed. It was almost identical to the extra large silvered-glass baubles that one uses as Christmas tree decorations except this one had the bottom third missing, presumably smashed when hit by the blade of the hoe. He put it aside until later when, on instructions from his wife who thought it'd make a pretty memento of their new home, he decided to clean it up. It was full of mud and so he put it in a tub of water to allow it to soak. Several hours later he returned to find that the mud had drained out leaving the tiny skull visible inside. He reported the find to the Police who called in the forensic investigators and they reported it to other scientific bodies. The garden was thoroughly searched but nothing more was found and any traces of the body that might have been there in the soil had been obliterated by the rotary hoe.
Scientists were able to establish that the skull, the mere size of a child's fist, resembled closely a human child but the eyesockets and aural sinuses were much larger than usual. The calcification of the cranial sutures and development of the teeth indicated that the creature would have been forty years old at least at time of death. They also estimated that it was likely to have been in the ground between one and two hundred years. The microscopic analysis of the structure of the bone showed it was slightly different from the normal human as it was thinner with a partial honeycombed lattice more similar to that found in birds.
And this is where it gets interesting. Samples were apparently taken for possible DNA analysis but no report has ever been filed with any of the relevant authorities. The skull was last seen in the care of the British Science Institute in 2001 and from there it has disappeared. It was due to be transferred to the Natural History Museum in London but although the BSI claim to have documented proof that it was delivered the Museum deny all knowledge of it. The pertinent thing is that it vanished or was lost and no one seems to give a damn.

Furlington Skull
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So this is my project, to research and put together a book about the so-called "wee-people" using only the more credible sightings, finds, specimens and artefacts, backed up by scientific data, that cannot be just attributed to looney weirdos and hoaxers. I have already collected a significant amount of information including photographs, both old and recent, and verifiable first hand accounts of sightings. I'm trying to keep an open, though sceptical, mind but aside from the many descriptions that include wings I believe that there could possibly be a previously unclassified species of naked monkey or ape out there somewhere.
This is just an introduction or teaser to what I hope I'll be adding to this page of the site in the weeks and months to come.
(sorry, see below) I now have to find the time to start the process of scanning the photos and editing and typing out the accounts. I have photos from around the world including a "real" mummified fairy found in the 1950's. There other pictures of strange miniature artefacts that have been found, hair and tissue samples, even tiny and odd-looking eggs that when cut open revealed an even odder embryo.

Due to the same time constraints that have prevented me from updating the site and adding all the other promised goodies I have had to postpone this Project indefinitely.