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Portarit Of Mark Salwowski

Welcome to my place on the Web

I've been an artist and illustrator specialising in airbrush work for nearly thirty years now and although I do all kinds of work the bulk of my output has been fantasy and science-fiction bookcovers. Doing series covers for authors such as John Wyndham, Iain M Banks, Brian Aldiss, Michael Moorcock, Orson Scott Card and many, many more I've worked for all the major British publishers plus many US, European and Australian ones too. I also work for the advertising and media industries, as well as taking on private commissions. Oh, and I occasionally sell my work through Sotheby's and Bonham's of London.

Although the major part of my career was spent in the UK I'm presently residing on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. To find out more about me and also about the techniques and media I employ try the ABOUT ME page. There's also a demonstration of basic AIRBRUSHING techniques there.
In GALLERY 1 you'll find samples of my bookcovers listed alphabetically by author's names from A to L and in GALLERY 2 from M to Z. In GALLERY 3 there's a selection of advertising and other work, and even a few of my privately commissioned pieces. (To be honest, I've been rather lax in keeping copies of my finished works over the years) A lot of the images are available in a moderately high resolution version too.
High quality prints are available to buy for many of the pictures in the gallery. For information on ordering and prices see the PRINTS page. You can also have the prints personalised for a small addition cost.
# Update (AT LAST!!!): New pieces on the "Art For Sale" page #
# and yet another update!!!: A few new designs and WIDE SCREEN wallpapers now available #
# PLUS even more updates- There's a whole range of new "The Snowmelt River" wallpapers too!! #
Most of the images displayed are also available for second-rights use. That is to say you can purchase the right to use them for a predetermined commercial purpose for a small fee. Find out more on the CONTACT page.

In the LATEST section there's some of my most recent illustrations.
New are the illustrations for Frank P Ryan's latest fantasy novel:

Snowmelt Logo
Also included are some samples from the new book by Sally Odgers and myself:
In the WALLPAPER section I've prepared some jpegs of a few of my pieces for use as wallpapers (desktops) and they're free to download for personal use.
The COPYRIGHT section explains about copyright and how it applies to all the images on the site. If you're unsure of what you're allowed to do under the International Coypright Laws take a look.
In the PROJECT X section you'll find out about a "wee" project that's taken my interest of late.
I frequently take on new commissions and would be happy to supply an estimation of price without any obligation. Find out how to do it and how to get in touch with me on the CONTACT page.


I'm sorry to have to say that most of the forthcoming attractions that I had originally advertised will not be arriving. Unfortunately ill health and changed circumstances have taken their toll on my capabilities.

So my promised book on airbrushing techniques, whilst still being in the pipeline, won't be here in the foreseeable future.

And I'm also afraid to have to announce that all the intriguing stuff publicised on the PROJECT X page will have to be put off until I find more time.

And of course, for the same reasons my proposed BLOGSPOT isn't going to happen anytime soon. Although, I am itching to get started with this. My head's brimming with stupid ideas.



(For more details click here: COPYRIGHT )

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