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Here are some links to sites that you might find interesting
(It's early days yet!)

If you're interested in fantasy and science-fiction art then have a look at the galleries at Here you'll find a great selection of work by a host of the big names in the genre.

If you're looking to commission fantasy or science-fiction art, or any other kind for that matter, and I'm not your man then I strongly suggest you try Sarah Brown Agency my London agents. They have on their books some of the world's top illustrators.

For more about "The Doomsday Genie" or any of Frank Ryan's other superb books try FPR-Books.

To keep up-to-date about the "Fantastic Creatures" book and even order an early copy have a look at the Koala Books site. They have a great range of children's books for all ages both fiction and non-fiction.

A great site for Iain M Banks fans and anyone interested in 3D graphics is Here Chris Lynas skillfully recreates Banks' universes and themes in an imaginative and realistic way.

Another site specialising in fantasy and sci-fi is (This is one of the older sites and just recently I've found that it's very slow downloading to the point where my browser frequently "times-out")